The coastal walkways, beaches, and the refreshing feel of the sea are a source of pride to Tenerife and something to be enjoyed by everyone. That’s why Arona council have made special arrangements for disabled access at Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos. This stunning, modern beach is within easy reach of the three Spring Hoteles, Bitacora, Arona Gran, and Vulcano.

Spring Hoteles make every effort possible to welcome guests with special needs, we have a selection of adapted rooms, wider doors, and walk in showers and are always glad to discuss any requirements you have ahead of your holiday. Once outside you will find that Arona has ensured that disabled parking zones, ramps, and separate public toilets have been installed to make life easier.


Las Vistas beach has gone even further to make sure that everyone can enjoy sun worshipping and sea bathing. Easy access beach buggies and trained staff can wheel visitors down into the sea from separate seating areas under the supervision of the lifeguards. Decking around the public showers allows for easy washing and there are also changing rooms for disabled holiday makers.


Over 50 years ago the fishing village of Los Cristianos blossomed into a holiday resort when Scandinavians with health problems started to visit to reap the benefits of Tenerife’s temperate climate. It’s still a place where everyone can enjoy a holiday without barriers. Arona offers information on disabled friendly beaches, hotels (inc all 3 of Spring) restaurants, and more at choose your language option and click on the wheelchair logo.