Would you like to discover how does look like the Hotel Vulcano on its inside?

Every Monday we do a tour with our guests and the hotel manager for who would like learn more about how we work in the different departments.

We start with the landry, where we use last generation of washing machines and dryers, which offers low energy consumption.

We continued to the machine room, where we use intelligent software to monitor power consumption at our establishments, detecting any anomaly and allowing us to make the most efficient decisions in real time, based on a multitude of sensors installed throughout the system.



This software allows us to adjust production to demand, ensuring maximum comfort for our customers even as we manage energy efficiency at our facilities.

Afterwards we visited the Food & Beverage department, where we have a huge stock and serves daily every department.

Finally we discovered the kitchen area, our customers watched with curiosity at the cookers, delicious meals they were going to taste later on!


If you have 20 minutes free during your holiday, don’t miss this chance to learn more about our Hotel Vulcano and its green commitment, feel free to take part of it!