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At Spring Hotels, our priority is the safety of every single person who passes through our hotels, starting with our team of staff - your hosts in Tenerife. This is why we have put all the necessary training and tools at their disposal to ensure that their work and your stay are 100% safe.





We have implemented all the necessary measures to respect the recommendations issued by the WHO regarding safety distances, disinfection and hygiene, in order to make your holidays the safest and healthiest place possible.+ INFO


We are adapting all of our bars and restaurants through measures such as circulation protocols, safety distances, the digitisation of the experience and individualisation to avoid contact.+ INFO


At Spring, innovation and technology make up an important part of our identity, which is why, now more than ever, we're making full use of it by digitising as much as we can within our hotels.+ INFO


Safety distances of 2m in communal areas

All the hotel furniture will be arranged in a way that safeguards this minimum distance and there will be a team of support staff on hand to help.

Protective screens

at all points of interaction with members of hotel staff, a protective screen will avoid any type of possible contact.

Disinfecting mats for main hotel and staff entrances

All hotel entrances will have disinfecting mats to prevent transfers from the outside world.

Contactless hydroalcoholic gel dispensers

60 devices are distributed throughout the hotel with contactless technology for greater security.



Guest Kit (mask and gel)

you will find a mask and hydroalcoholic gel in your room, to use as and when you consider necessary.

Adaptation of our usual cleaning and disinfection protocols to meet the required measurements

we have Introduced specific virucide protocols to guarantee complete disinfection.

24h quarantine for departure rooms before being cleaned, disinfected and sterilised

we guarantee a thorough sterilisation of your room, and have also established a 24-hour security period between one client's departure and another's arrival.

Tailor-made cleaning service at guest's request

if you require a more specific cleaning, we have a service at your disposal.






No contact - contactless


Distances between the tables

we have reconfigured the spaces to ensure the safety distance is kept at all times.

Limited capacity and different shifts

capacity and shifts will depend on the volume of people and will be designed to ensure that distances can be maintained at all times.

Designed flow of movement set out

we will avoid all unnecessary contact by setting out clearly designed flows of movement within all spaces.


App ordering process - qr


A la carte buffet restaurant, assisted and with individual portions

we're adapting our way of doing things so that you can continue enjoying our entire gastronomic selection in individual portions.

Take away lunch service

order your food, take it with you and enjoy it in your room.













We understand perfectly that with the current circumstances being what they are, your plans may change, which is why we offer the option of a free cancellation right up to 24 hours before arrival with all reservations.

If, on the other hand, you feel that the best solution is to change the dates for your holiday, you will be entitled to specific compensation depending on your reservation. To change your booking and receive your compensation, contact us at spring@springhoteles.com. We will make all the necessary arrangements, leaving you with the only task of planning exactly how you want to spend your holidays on our beautiful island.

If you made your reservation with an online travel agency or any other kind of travel agent, you will need to contact the relevant booking provider to find out more about their change policy.

We know that this year is proving to be extremely difficult, which is why we want to make things as easy as possible for you by offering alternative options for you to come and enjoy your most deserved of holidays.

As you have a reservation with us, we’ll give you 50€ per person towards the cost of your flight. You can look for and purchase your flights here.

All of the measures we are taking can be found on this page. If you still have specific doubts or queries with relation to any of them, please contact info@springhoteles.com and we will be happy to resolve them personally for you.