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Adults only (+16)
Habitación 2
Adults only (+16)
Habitación 3
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Habitación 4
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So much more goes into creating a sense of pure relaxation and well-being than simply receiving a treatment by professionals. It’s about feeling relaxed enough to truly let go; it’s finding a haven in which to escape from whatever has been bothering you and emerge having lifted the emotional weight off your shoulders.

Sports Massage

A deep tissue massage that includes stretching and joint mobilisation. Ideal after sport or physical exertion.

  • 80min 100€
  • 50min 65€
  • 25min 40€

Lymphatic drainage

Eliminate toxins and reduce joint ache. Ideal post-operation or to ease water retention and arthritis.

  • Localised 45min 55€
  • Full body 80min 90€

“Serenity” - Relaxing Massage

A relaxing massage that eases away stress and tension.

  • 80min 95€
  • 50min 58€
  • 25min 35€

Combi-Massage (Relax + Sport + Hotstone-Massage)

A perfect combination to feel brand new

  • 80min 110€

Reflexology Session

A wonderful treat for tired, overworked feet. Stimulate your entire body just from the soles of your feet!

  • 45min 45€

Hot Organic Shea Butter Massage with Essential Oils

An intensely hydrating massage that is perfect for dry or sensitive skin.

  • 50min 60€

“Spirit of Tenerife” Hot Stone Massage

A fabulous massage using heated stones, which produces a soothing, calming effect. Unblock your energy channels and reduce stress, tension and fatigue.

  • 50min 70€